Tuesday, October 6, 2015

My first jobs

One of my favorite link-ups, is one that I just cannot miss....despite my dismal performance as a blogger, lately.
Show and Tell Tuesday with Andrea at Momfessionals.
I love her blog and I'm certain that we'd be BFF's if she lived around here. Well, at least from my perspective. We're both moms, teachers, bloggers, started with 2 boys and a girl...and then I was crazy and went for one more girl. Anyway, she's really fun to read about, so if you haven't checked out her blog, DO IT!
Today's prompt is to tell you about our first jobs. Ahhh, where do I start?! I guess I'll just share my jobs from high school. They were random and crazy, for sure.
When I was in junior high/high school, I worked with a modeling agency in the Seattle area. I did some print work and commercial work for them, and eventually, when I could drive, they hired me to teach some of their modeling classes for young kids. I really loved the job, but I hated the drive! I still can't believe I commuted so far as a young high school student.
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My second job was as a courtesy clerk at Safeway. Say what?! Yes, that is the fancy name for the person who bags your groceries and offers to carry them out to your car. I remember a few highlights from my job....how to perfectly pack a grocery sack, always thank by last name when they check out, instead of offering to carry out groceries, insist on it, and make sure to NEVER miss a break. Those unions are for real.


After Safeway, and as soon as I turned 18, I got hired by Red Robin as hostess. This was the best! I absolutely loved working here. I spent about 4 years working for them, mostly just summers and holidays during college. I even got the Employee of the Year award one year! Pretty sure you could find my name on a plaque or something. ;-)
College brought a few more random jobs, including a computer lab student-assistant (best job ever!) and musical theatre performer. Everything led to my dream, which was to become a teacher. Something I've been doing for 13 years. Crazy!!


  1. Thanks for your post! I bet even your clerking and serving jobs helped you be a better teacher when the day came. :)

  2. Awww a little model that's so cute. The student lab assistant sounds like it'd be so so easy. The students at my school don't do anything hahah

  3. What a diverse group of jobs you've had! Or should I say "life experiences?" I was a hostess forever at Tony Roma's! Until I got "promoted" to server! LOL! XOXO

  4. Hey pretty lady....just noticed you have been absent and I know this is your busy season but just wanted you to know you were missed out here in this blogisphere. Hope all is going well in this season!

  5. Hi Kelly, I have been enjoying your blog for awhile now. I was wondering if yu could tell me what city in Washington you live in. We live in so cal and are looking at moving to Washington, and I always love all the pictures of your neighborhood and town. Thanks!! Michelle